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phil goes green and walks to the office

The magazine interview in the previous post (scroll down) quotes me as saying “the new system of park connectors means – in theory – that I could walk the 9 km from my house to my office entirely surrounded by nature, which is impressive for any city”. This morning I decided to put the theory [...]

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annual lizard cull

Due to the ridiculously high number of lizards in our flat, and the resultant mountains of lizard poo, Sandy has been performing her annual lizard cull. Yes, I know lizards eat the mosquitoes and ants but they also poo everywhere and have a habit of killing themselves in electrical appliances and damaging the appliances at [...]

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Expat Interviews

Phil was interviewed recently for the website Expat Interviews: Phil is a UK expat who’s been living in Southeast Asia for more than a decade; the past eight years have seen him set up his residence and business in Singapore. Take a peek into his expat life in Singapore: his description of the area in [...]

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family dinner

This is the first time in over five years that the Cheah family has had dinner with all family members present. Sandy lives in Singapore, her sisters and parents live in Malaysia and her brother stays in the UK. Above [clockwise from the bottom]: Sandy, Hueh Hueh (Sandy’s elder sis), Ah Ngae (Sandy’s younger sis), [...]

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No, not Sandy’s babies. Our resident house mouse gave birth to triplets then left home. I was afraid I threw her out in the trash so I fed the babies Alpen (I wanted them to have a healthy start) until the mother found her way back. After three days the babies disappeared so either mother [...]

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mobile entertainment system

This afternoon Phil helped me rearrange the bedroom to make space for Dumpling’s cot. The cot is so big he had to remove two chests of drawers, the tv and cable box. It looked so nice. We thought we could survive without the TV in the bedroom for three months. Two hours later Phil was [...]

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new neighbours

Today we’ve been vetting the new neighbours. The landlord held an open house downstairs to show the empty flat to potential tenants so Phil and I have been hanging out of the window saying hello to everybody. Well, we managed to say hello to all the Indians, Malays and Caucasians; we received only blank stares [...]

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